Chirpy Project, Italian Style, Rigorously made by Hand

Chirpy Project is a young company based in Ponzano Veneto (ITALY) - which aims to create original home and garden objects. It is precisely a project, in synergy with its customers that in which shapes and ideas are developed, such as: Silhouettes in Corten of birds or geese as decoration for the garden, inspired by the famous American sculptor Alexander Calder made with wood and Murano glass or steel decorations; as well as the log holders, custom-made in "seasoned" corten, to be placed inside the house to embellish not only the fireplace area but also the entrance to the house, and our original LED wall or floor lamps in retro style with that touch of modern that is transformed into iconic objects with a unique and above all functional design.


In short, Chirpy Project is constantly evolving in constant change and as the reality that surrounds us changes we are always ready to create something new. So follow us on our website or on social media and you will always discover pleasant news. See you soon! Stay tuned!

Cor-Ten Steel

The main peculiarity of COR-TEN steel is how it protects itself from electrochemical corrosion, through the formation of a compact passivating surface patina, formed by the oxides of its alloy elements, to prevent the progression of corrosion; this film varies in color over time, usually with a brown color.



Have you ever thought of decorating the trees in your garden to make them more cheerful? You are original, and you can show everyone that in your windowsill there is a flock of birds in different poses?


Visit our shop under "garden shapes in Cor-ten"



Design italiano

Creativity, inventiveness, overall vision: these are the peculiarities of know-how. An art that is learned only with time and with the dedication to try and try again to obtain an object that stands out in a now globalized market.

This is what we mean by "handmade MADE IN ITALY".


Realization of small original objects, in search of a second life for objects of common use and consumption destined for the landfill.



When you buy a work from a craftsman you do not buy only one item; but buy multiple hours of experiments, trials, failures, moments of euphoria and moments of despair. You are not buying an object but a piece of heart, a part of the soul a moment in another person's life. You buy from the craftsman the time it takes to do what is his passion and what you like.


I am happy to feel like a craftsman.